Samco Silicone Hoses (POA)

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  • Fit and forget Lifetime warranty
  • Zero block tooling technology results in open junctions, free from restrictive flashing which increases coolant flow
  • Single molded, y piece hoses eliminates the need to re-use OEM 3 way fittings which reduces weight and eliminates leak points
  • Smooth flow and improved insulation promotes radiator efficiency improving engine cooling
  • European grade high temperature silicone guaranteed to 356 degrees f
  • Premium quality Samco stainless steel clip kits
  • All hoses and clip kits made in Great Britian



"Our continuous domination in the world of Performance Silicone Hoses comes from our 10 years of research, development and supplying of superior quality product to teams in Formula One, World Rally Championship, World Super Bikes and World Motocross Grand Prix. To surpass all of our competitors, each and every hose is hand made and visually inspected before it leaves the factory. We offer a lifetime guarantee because of our cutting edge three layered reinforced fabric that offers high burst pressures and provides better debris/crash resistance. If you are serious about racing and require more performance, then our range of replacement hoses and clip kits are an essential investment that won’t let you down!"


We will need to refer to our fitment guide to ensure what hoses will be available and suitable for your bike model and year.
Feel free to call our office on ph: 0433 571 482 if you have any questions.