"The Works" Fork Service (MX only) from:

"The Works" Fork Service (MX only) from:

  • $319.00

Ride Dynamics MX Works Fork service is for riders with twin chamber forks looking to bring their forks back to as new operation. All seals, bushings and oil (including inner cartridge) are replaced. This service consists of:

  • Check for damage to chrome
  • Disassemble fork legs
  • Disassemble internals as required
  • Replace fork bushes 
  • Replace fork oil seals
  • Replace fork dust seals 
  • Strip inner cartridge and replace bushings and seals
  • Flush forks
  • Reassemble fork legs
  • Fill with fork oil
  • Bleed damper rod as required
  • Refit fork cap
  • Clean and check operation
  • Settings are recorded

Note:  This service is for both forks

Prices indicated are intended for conventional fork cartridge bikes. If you are unsure of what is needed for your motorcycle, please contact us.



  • Standard piston reshim to improve suspension action
  • Aftermarket piston kit and shimming to further improve suspension action giving you improved ride quality and tyre grip/wear.

    Please note to get maximum improvement consider also purchasing a new fork springs specific to your weight. Find our high performance springs here.