Dunlop Sportmax Q4 - Rear

Dunlop Sportmax Q4 - Rear

  • $289.95


Dunlop Sportmax Q4 Tyres

Built specifically for the track, and upon the legacy of the Q2 and Q3, the Dunlop Q4 Sportmax tyre continues to push the performance capabilities of a street legal tyre. Dunlop's engineers have utilized a new tread pattern that increases the contact patch during extreme lean angles and updated compounds that provide better grip than the Q3+ at all temperatures. Dunlop was able to reach lean angles up to 62 degrees, which is more than any other street legal tyre they offer. 

Riders on high performance motorcycles looking for the next generation of track day tyres should look to the Dunlop Q4 Sportmax tires.


  • Purpose-built for track use
  • Achieves lean angles up to 62 degrees, more than any other street-legal tyre Dunlop has ever made
  • User-friendly and does not require tyre warmers
  • Single compound
  • Able to run at street tyre pressures, eliminating the need for chassis or electronic adjustments
  • Rear tyre contains carbon black compound just like Dunlop’s racing slicks for maximum grip
  • Jointless Tread (JLT) technology uses a continuously wound strip compound to optimize stability, flex, and grip across the tyre profile
  • Carbon Fiber Technology (CFT) uses carbon fiber reinforcement in the sidewalls for exceptional cornering performance, braking stability and feel
  • Made in the USA