Dunlop KR448 Slick - Front

Dunlop KR448 Slick - Front

  • $225.00




N-Tec construction (New Technology) is Dunlop’s very best construction road racing tyre.

The Dunlop KR448F and KR449 racing slicks were created primarily for club-level racers and hard-core enthusiasts who enjoy participating in track days.

The KR449 rear tyre incorporates Dunlop’s exclusive N-Tec, MT Multi-Tread and Intuitive Response Profile (IRP).

The KR449 rear tyre features a nylon carcass overlaid with two nylon breaker belts and a continuously wound, aramid-fibre tread belt for cooler-running, excellent straight-line stability and virtually no circumferential tyre growth.

Dunlop’s N-Tec steel bead and its high-modulus bead apex combine to offer improved feel for the rider as the tyre nears its cornering limit, producing the “predictability” that has become a signature characteristic of Dunlop road racing tyres.

• Triple tread; super grip on the sides, cool running centre
• Zero growth; no need for major ride height changes
• Low pressure; for maximum contact patch
• KR451 is bi-directional using Jointless Tread application