Deluxe Fork Service from:

Deluxe Fork Service from:

  • $249.00

Ride Dynamics Deluxe Fork service is for riders looking to bring their forks back to as new operation. All seals, bushings and oil are replaced. This service consists of:

  • Check for damage to chrome
  • Disassemble fork legs
  • Disassemble internals as required
  • Replace fork bushes 
  • Replace fork oil seals
  • Replace fork dust seals 
  • Flush forks
  • Reassemble fork legs
  • Fill with fork oil
  • Bleed damper rod as required
  • Refit fork cap
  • Clean and check operation
  • Settings are recorded

Note:  This service is for both forks

Prices indicated are intended for conventional fork cartridge bikes. If you are unsure of what is needed for your motorcycle, please contact us.


  • Standard piston reshim to improve suspension action
  • Aftermarket GV pistons and shimming to further improve suspension action giving you improved ride quality and tyre grip/wear.
  • Our K-Tech SSK & SSRK Piston Kits offer even higher levels of performance over the GV Kits. These kits include both compression & rebound pistons, shimming and adjustment needles.

    Please note to get maximum improvement consider also purchasing a new fork springs specific to your weight. Find our high performance springs here.

    Also consider adding K-Tech FCV (Flow control Valve) to give further improvement to your the compression damping performance of your forks. Find out more here.